Your Personal Theatre of Dreams

Experiential excellence is at the heart of the IMAX® ethos

And from that core comes IMAX Private Theatre™ — a home entertainment solution so all-encompassing it transcends reality, maximizing your sensory immersion and taking you to heights never before attained. IMAX Private Theatre™ is for those who embrace the future, and who want to live it today.

IMAX Private Theatre Platinum™ draws on IMAX’s legacy of excellence and groundbreaking technologies in delivering the highest audio and visual standards to create the ultimate immersive entertainment solution for private spaces. It brings the same philosophy used in the world’s leading IMAX® movie theatres to your home, for the optimum delivery of the best entertainment experiences across the media spectrum.


Movies and Beyond

The complete entertainment solution

The IMAX Private Theatre™ experience goes beyond movies to encompass 360° entertainment functions. From live sports to video games, music concerts and karaoke, Blu-ray™, cable and satellite broadcasts — all are supercharged with an aim to provide the best in-home entertainment experience that redefines one’s luxurious lifestyle at home.

World-class Theatre Design Meets Luxurious Quality

Theatre design and accessories consultation

When it comes to theatrical geometry and interior design, every fine arrangement of the IMAX Private Theatre™ is a reflection of the brilliant synergy between cutting-edge technology and theatrical expertise. Crafted by the world-renowned home theatre designer Theo Kalomirakis – together with an accessory recommendation ranging from interior materials, fittings, accessories, acoustics, to flooring and wall treatments – every detail of the IMAX Private Theatre™ is specified to the highest standards.

A dedicated team of professional theatre designers are always ready to support our clients with specialized design and technical know-how to create their own bespoke private theatres to meet even the highest expectations.

Dedicated Service and Support

Quality and satisfaction assured

The IMAX Private Theatre™ system has been designed to minimize the need for maintenance, with IMAX® HQ 24/7 remote problem diagnoses ensuring optimal ongoing performance, and round-the-clock expert technical support available should you ever need it.

  • • Automatic daily picture calibration (Palais only)
  • • System installation and commissioning service
  • • Three-year 24-hour remote problem diagnoses service
  • • Three-year VIP customer service hotline
  • • Three-year warranty

Experience the Magic of IMAX® in Your Home

Bring IMAX’s unique blend of luxury, exclusivity and technological excellence to your home, and create your own immersive entertainment dream space To begin your IMAX Private Theatre™ journey, please contact one of our private theatre specialists today.